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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. I don’t know what size skip I will need?

A. take a look at our skips & sizes section on our website to give you a good idea on which size would be suitable, but with past experience if the customer is still at all unsure we advise they go for one a little bigger because 1 larger skip costs less than 2 smaller ones.
Q. How long can I keep the skip for?

A. This depends on a number of things, if the skip is on private property it can be kept for up to 2 weeks at no extra cost, If the skip is on council property (road, verge or pavement) the permit is limited to 7 days under Hull Council (Skips can be re-permitted for an extra 7 days at the cost of a weekly permit) and 14 days under East Riding Council.
Q. Who arranges the permit?

A. The job of arranging council permits can only be done by the skip hire company and cant be arranged by the customer. The reason for this is that to place a skip on council property we need to have £10,000,000 public & employers liability insurance. Council property is classed as the public highway (road), Grass verges or public footpaths.
Q. I live in a council property but have a drive, is this classed as council property?

A. No it is your private property.
Q. Where else can I place a skip if its not on council property ?

A. Skips can be dropped in a number of places, these are as follows;

·        Ten foot

·        Drive

·        Private car park

·        Front garden (subject to access)

Q. What size skip can I have down the ten foot (rear of property) ?

A. This all depends on the type of waste going in the skip, for example if you are placing light waste in the skip i.e. wood, paper, metal, furniture and household waste then we can deliver from a 2yd mini skip up to a 14yd maxi skip. If the waste is going to be more than 50% heavy waste i.e. soil, clay, brick or concrete then we can only deliver up to a 5yd skip, as the majority of tenfoots can only be accessed by a 7.5 tonne wagon and the truck can only carry 4 tonne legally, although there are some tenfoots that a 18 tonne vehicle can gain access to so feel free to ask as the office staff know most of those and can advise.
Q. What is the cost of the council permits and how long do they last?

A. Prices increase year on year (no idea why!) but in our most recent increase (01/04/2011) they increased to £21 under Hull City Council, lasting for 7 days & £16 under East Riding of Yorkshire Council, lasting for 14 days both subject to 20% vat.
Q. What aren’t we allowed to put in skips?

A. There are just a few thing that you can't put in to a skip, these are -

·        Fridges/freezers

·        Car/Truck Tyres

·        Asbestos

·        Liquid Waste i.e. oils, large amounts of paint or any hazardous liquid

Q. Do you deliver skips outside of the Hull boundary?

A. Yes, we deliver anywhere, but outside the Hull boundary the skips may be subject to a mileage charge (depending on the distance from us), this can be obtained by giving your address and postcode to our office staff and they will work it out for you. We have tried a postcode delivery charge but some postcodes have a wide area range and we found it to be unfair to some people.
Q. How much notice do you need to deliver me a skip?

A. We usually ask for as much notice as possible especially if a skip is on council property as we need time to arrange the permit, but if the skip is going on private property we can usually deliver on the same day that you call us if needed. Although if you want to use our same day collection service a days notice is advised so we can deliver the skips on our first deliveries of the day giving you the maximum amount of time to have the skip, but at a push these can be booked and done on the same day. The same applies to our wait and load service, a days notice is appreciated but not essential.
Q. Are skips cheaper the less time you have them?

A. Unfortunately not, the price you pay is for one fill of the skip, whether it takes you 1 day or 7 days to fill, but if you have a large job and are going to use a lot of skips the we can sometimes offer a discount depending on the waste being disposed of.
Q. How can I pay for my skip?

A. You can pay by either cash or cheque to the driver or by debit or credit card via the office.
Q. Will anyone pick my skip up without me ringing to say its finished with?

A. No, we always wait until the customer rings, but if there is a problem with the skip or if its running out of permit we will always try to contact the customer before removing the skip, but at a last resort if we can’t get in touch with the customer and its causing a problem then we have to.
Q. Do you deliver skips outside of normal working hours?

A. Yes, we try to accommodate our customers and will work outside of normal hours if needed but this is by prior arrangement only. But please note we do always work on a Saturday morning.

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